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North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham Releases Statement Supporting Roy Williams

Several of North Carolina head coach Roy Williams' former players have come to his aid after former Tar Heel Rashad McCants claimed that Williams was aware of various academic violations during McCants' time in Chapel Hill last week. Until now, North Carolina administration has been quiet in regards to the allegations, but in a statement released today, North Carolina Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham backed the school's basketball coach.

According to Cunningham, there have been conversation within the Tar Heel community about Williams since McCants' allegations came out on Friday, but Williams' has Cunningham's support.

Since Friday, there have been conversations inside and outside the Carolina Community about Roy Williams and Carolina Basketball. I am proud to see the outpouring of support from former players and the basketball community at large, which reinforces the respect, integrity and care of student athletes that Coach Williams has shown throughout his career. Current and former players from across the country have told me that Coach Williams and his staff have always placed a priority on self-accountability inside the classroom. I have witnessed this myself.

Everyone here at Carolina wants to know all we can about past academic and athletic anomalies. But speculation and innuendo should not replace the independent investigation currently being conducted by former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein. We must allow his work to be complete and thorough.

McCants alleged that he took bogus classes to help keep him eligible -- something that Williams was aware of -- and that Williams helped get him out of two classes he was failing and replace them two classes in the university's controversial African-American Studies program so McCants would stay academically eligible.

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