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One Of The 'Game Of Thrones' Giants Is Played By A Former North Carolina Basketball Player

Sunday night's "Game of Thrones" episode, "Watchers of the Wall," was the most expensive in the HBO program's history. Without spoiling anything for those who haven't watched it yet, it features a huge battle, a massive swinging blade, a 700-foot wall made of ice, and a couple of giants sporting bow and arrows while riding wooly mammoths.

One of those giants was played by a former North Carolina basketball player.

Neil Fingleton, a former hooper turned actor, portrayed one of the giants. He played one game at North Carolina before transferring to Holy Cross. Fingleton was listed at 7-foot-7 on Holy Cross' website and it the tallest man in the United Kingdom. 

Size seems to run in his family. 

"I am one of three siblings - my sister who is 6' 2" is the eldest at 37, my brother is 6' 9" who is 35 and I am 7' 7" at 32… my mother is 6 foot and my late father was also. My great grandfather was 6' 8". I have always been taller than everyone since I can remember. My height really took off when I reached 11 and was touching 7 foot. By the time I was 16 I was 7' 5" and stopping growing at 18 when I was 7' 7.56," Fingleton says on the Guinness Book of World Records' website. 

After a short stint of professional basketball overseas in England and Spain, Fingleton took to acting. He's appeared in "X Men: First Class" and "47 Ronin."