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Photo: UNC Football Player Tweets A Picture Of His Empty Cupboard At The NCAA

One of the arguments that college athletes have been making when they demand compensation from the NCAA is that they will sometimes go to bed hungry. We've heard former UConn guard Shabazz Napier discuss this, and now, North Carolina wide receiver Jordan Fieulleteau has taken it a step further, tweeting a picture of his cupboard at the NCAA that he has since deleted. In the picture, Fieulleteau's cupboard has a box of pasta, some chocolate milk mix, a few bags that look to be empty, a bag of flour, a pack of instant oatmeal and a box of something.

There's no word on whether or not Fieulletau was joking around and trolling the NCAA, or if he's actually really hungry and that this is a cry for help. Regardless, you'd like to think the NCAA will do whatever it can to make sure its athletes aren't starving.