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Photos: ECU Billboards Popping Up Throughout North Carolina Trolling Tar Heels, Making Pirate Puns

It wasn't overly surprising that ECU was able to defeat UNC over the weekend, the Pirates won big at North Carolina in 2013. However, no one would've guessed that ECU would drop 70 points and beat UNC by 29 points like they did. With wins over the Tar Heels and Virginia Tech earlier in the season, ECU is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and now someone, presumably a fan, has taken out billboard space to do a little trolling against UNC.

">September 24, 2014

Post by Pirate Radio 1250 & 930.

">September 22, 2014

The #beneathwho aspect is referring to a quote by UNC safety Tim Scott from the week leading up to the game.

">@FreakMagic2 @Capn_Carden5

— BPaiz (@bpaiz)

Tim Scott frm UNC "ECU, they've always been beneath us and I feel like this year they think they're on top of us @FreakMagic2 @Capn_Carden5

— BPaiz (@bpaiz) September 16, 2014

">September 16, 2014

According to the posts on Twitter and Facebook, these boards are up in Winterville and Goldsboro. You certainly deserve to gloat, Pirates fans, even if you're going to do so to make obvious puns.