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Photos: UNC Unveils New Argyle-Accented Football Uniforms

One week after teasing the unveiling of new football uniforms, UNC rolled out the updated look, and it has a familiar feel to it.

The argyle pattern that has been a fixture on the Tar Heels' basketball uniforms since the early 90s will now be appearing on the gridiron. Argyle will be featured on the team's collar, helmet and pant legs for the home, away and alternate designs. 

Here are a few pictures of the unis, which look pretty sharp overall:

">@TarHeelFootball uniforms.

— Jason Freeman (@UNCEquipment)

Some pictures of the new @TarHeelFootball uniforms.

— UNC Equipment (@UNCEquipment) April 21, 2015

">April 21, 2015

">April 21, 2015

">April 21, 2015

Meanwhile, it looks like there were some minor changes to Carolina's basketball uniforms, namely in the font on the front of the jersey.

">@Nike uniforms for #UNCBBall.

— UNC Tar Heels (@GoHeels)

New Carolina Blue @Nike uniforms for #UNCBBall.

— UNC Tar Heels (@GoHeels) April 21, 2015

">April 21, 2015

UNC fans, what do you think of the Heels' latest look?