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Report: Congressmen Ask Mark Emmert, NCAA For Details On UNC Academic Scandal

The NCAA has come under fire from a number of sides recently, and now the U.S. Government may get involved in questioning the organization. According to TheNews & Observer, Congressmen Tony Cardenas (CA) and Elijah Cummings (MD) have sent a letter to the NCAA questioning true educational goals of the organization, specifically in reference to the North Carolina academic scandal.

“Despite these laudable goals, public reports suggest that the NCAA oversees a system in which its member institutions may be requiring student-athletes, particularly in high-revenue sports, to sacrifice their educational goals for the financial interests of college athletics."

The letter cites multiple cases, and brings up the business end of college athletics, which is a multi-billion dollar industry with many, NCAA President Mark Emmert including, making salaries in the millions. The congressmen are also asking Emmert questions about the UNC decision.

• How does the NCAA determine that member institutions are not allowing fraudulent classes, such as those detailed in the 2010 case at the University of North Carolina, with the sole intent of keeping student-athletes athletically eligible?

• What steps is the NCAA taking to ensure that the problems identified at the University of North Carolina are not more widespread?

• Please include any documentation demonstrating how the NCAA has determined that these infractions are unique to the University of North Carolina?

With the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit looming and congressmen now looking into the NCAA, among other movements including the efforts at Northwestern, change seems on the horizon for college athletics.

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