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Report: Kentucky And UNC Are Working On Setting Up An Alumni Game This Fall

File this one under the category of "would be awesome if it happened, but we're skeptical." According to a report from Kentucky Sports Radio, Kentucky and North Carolina NBA alumni are working to set up a game this fall. 

Here are the details, per KSR: 

We’ve been told there could potentially be a UK vs. UNC game in Rupp Arena, with John Wall and Harrison Barnes serving as team captains. The game will feature several NBA stars from the two schools and it will coincide with Coach Cal’s fantasy camp, as we’ve seen with alumni games in the past.

The rivalry/alumni game isn’t set in stone just yet, but several people are working hard to try to make it a reality. Look toward the second weekend in September as a possible date if (or when) it is going down.

Okay, this sounds amazing, but we have our doubts, most notably whether NBA teams are going to be keen on their players participating in this right before training camp. If it does come off, it will no doubt be incredibly entertaining, and amount of talent on the court will be eye-popping.

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