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Roy Williams Is Not Worried About North Carolina Being Caught Up In FBI Probe

The FBI may turn its attention on upwards of 50 college basketball programs, but UNC's Roy Williams isn't worried.

North Carolina basketball is no stranger to controversy. Roy Williams's program just escaped from wide-ranging NCAA charges over the paper courses that benefited Tar Heels athletes.

On Thursday, Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports dropped a bombshell report on the breadth of the FBI's probe into corruption in the sport.

In it, he says as many as 50 programs could be implicated, including those run by Hall of Fame coaches. Specifically, Thamel said around half of the current top 16 schools could be at risk.

So how bad could be it? In terms of NCAA rules, multiple sources told Yahoo Sports that the material obtained threatens the fundamental structure and integrity of the sport, as there’s potentially as many 50 college basketball programs that could end up compromised in some way.

…NCAA officials are staring at the prospect of a tournament with a winner that will likely be vacating its title – and many others eventually vacating their appearances.

North Carolina is hanging right in that range at No. 14. It also has Williams, a Hall of Fame coach. He's not concerned about this whole thing, however. From ESPN:

North Carolina coach Roy Williams said he is confident the defending national champion Tar Heels weren't part of the FBI's two-year investigation into college basketball bribes and corruption.

"I feel very comfortable," Williams said while speaking to reporters in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "If the phone rings at night, I'm not worried about that. I may worry about a lot of other things, but it ain't about that."

Williams hasn't caught specific attention with these latest reports, but Thamel did name one coach that he thinks will be particularly affected. Bruce Pearl's Auburn Tigers have surged to the top of the SEC and a probable high seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

Auburn is one of the schools identified in the initial FBI report, and now Thamel says that he would be surprised if he is around to coach the 2018-19 season.

Fans of Auburn, North Carolina, and basically any high-level basketball program should be very worried about what this FBI situation may mean for their schools right now.