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Roy Williams Says Nike Has "Never" Helped UNC Get A Player

UNC's head coach says his program is innocent.

While the FBI's investigation into the college basketball world has, at the moment, only implicated a couple of major programs, fans across the wonder are likely all wondering:

If it's happening to them, could it happen to us?

Roy Williams has addressed those concerns among North Carolina fans.

The Tar Heels' head coach says Nike has "never" helped his program get a player.

"They've never helped me get any player, never insinuated, never done anything," Williams told ESPN in an exclusive interview on Monday.

"I've dealt with Nike and Jordan Brand since I came back here, but we never even discuss things like that," he added. "So I know it's foreign to me."

North Carolina's program has, though, been under investigation by the NCAA for academic questions since 2010. It's still unclear of the ramifications that might come with that.

The Tar Heels held their first practice on Monday.