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NCAA Hearing Dates For North Carolina Academic Scandal Are Finally Set... Maybe

The NCAA Committee on Infractions may finally have its hearing with officials from North Carolina regarding the never-ending Tar Heels academic scandal.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the meetings are set to occur in mid-August. Of course, those dates are "anticipated," because there is a chance this case is held in limbo for the rest of eternity.

In an email to the AP, UNC spokeswoman Joanne Peters said the school will make its case to the panel according to the NCAA's schedule.

Sankey's letter also details a new timetable of completion for the oft-delayed case. UNC must respond to the latest charges by May 16. The NCAA enforcement staff then has until July 17 for its own response. Sankey wrote that his panel will hear the case in August with "anticipated" dates of Aug. 16 and 17.

Rulings typically come weeks to months later.

The case, which stems from the 2010 violations found within the UNC football program, is predicated on alleged "paper classes" in the school's African and Afro-American Studies program, which is said to have churned out artificially high grades in classes that had athlete-heavy enrollment. The scandal covers multiple sports, including men's basketball, and has a timeline ranging from 1993 to 2011, potentially affecting 3,000+ UNC students.

The timeline has been pushed back multiple times over the last few years due to new developments. Most recently, former UNC staffer Deborah Crowder, who says she graded papers for the AFAM classes in question, decided to make herself available for interview to the NCAA. She has continually defended the legitimacy of the classes.

For context, the Louisville basketball scandal just had its Committee on Infractions hearing on Thursday, less than two years after the allegations broke. The NCAA is notorious for moving slowly in these cases, but the North Carolina case is taking things to an entirely new level.

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