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UNC Fan Retracts Claim That He Was Beaten By Members Of Clemson Fraternity

A UNC fan who claimed he was assaulted by a contingent of Clemson supporters at Saturday's ACC Championship game now says he is unsure of who attacked him, according to Fox Carolina

The man, Ryan Pruett, 33, said he was tailgating with Clemson fans when the attack occurred. According to Fox Carolina, Pruett originally fingered members of Clemson's Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity as possible perpetrators, but has since retracted that claim. 

Pruett initially said his attackers were gathered near a Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity tent, but the Pruett family contacted FOX Carolina Tuesday night and said they mistakenly identified the wrong fraternity tent when they first reported the assault.

Pruett's brother also apologized to members of the Pi Kappa Alpha , stating that "it was a case of mistaken identity and as a brother of the victim I was quick to place blame. I can only offer my apologies to all officials of Clemson University and the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity."

Pruett claimed at least 15 males had beaten him, and his injuries included a broken nose and a fractured eye socket.

Per the Fox report, the Pruett family was no longer looking for any further investigation as of last night. 

These violent incidents are becoming all too common at sporting events around the country. Still, it's good to see things get sorted out and the innocent escape blame. We'll update you if any more news emerges from this situation.