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Report: Revised UNC Notice Of Allegations Specifies Football And Men's Basketball, Re-Adds Extra Benefits Charge

The third UNC Notice of Allegations sent to the school by the NCAA may be bad news for the Tar Heels.

UNC is yet to release the third version of the Notice of Allegations that it has received from the NCAA in connection to the academic scandal that dates back over a decade, and according to reports, it may be more harsh than the second.

According to North Carolina talk show host David Glenn, the new NOA re-specifies football and men's basketball, and re-instates the extra benefits charge that was removed when the second NOA was released.

For a while, it appeared that North Carolina's women's basketball program would face the brunt of the penalties, but now it looks like the school's two revenue sports are tangled up in the scandal again. Of course, with how long this whole process has dragged out, it is hard to say when any actual punishments will be levied at this point.

Head basketball coach Roy Williams lamented about the timeline ahead of UNC's 85-42 win over Northern Iowa on Wednesday night. From 247Sports:

"My reaction is I'm tired of this junk. I've said everything I'm going to say. I felt all along that we have done the right thing and whatever they do they have to do. Our athletic director was a great guy here at Christmas and told me if I wanted to tell everybody to talk to him that they could talk to him, and that's what I am close to doing because I am tired of this junk.

"I did I have one goal, and I'm going to have to change it. I had hoped the NCAA thing would be over with before I retired, and now I am hoping it will be over with before I die."

We'll update when the actual UNC Notice of Allegations is made available.