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Video: Former UNC Star Kenny Smith Defends Roy Williams, Tar Heels After Rashad McCants' Allegations

Last week, former North Carolina guard Rashad McCants, a key member of the 2005 national championship team, made some very serious allegations against his former university, claiming he took "bogus" classes, was given passing grades for classes he did not attend, and often had to turn in just one paper to satisfy the requirements of an entire course. The school, its coaching staff and its former players were all quick to respond and deny the allegations. Today, another prominent figure in the Chapel Hill community, TNT's Kenny Smith, gave Dan Patrick his opinion on what really went on with McCants.

Smith also drops a funny line about being "10 times a better player" than McCants. Here is his interview with Dan Patrick.

It's clear that this story is not going away any time soon. Whether there will be any fallout from it remains to be seen.