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Villanova's Game-Winner Was Essentially The Same Play From Indiana vs. Kentucky In 2011

villanova game winner over north Carolina.

villanova game winner like kentucky indiana

Villanova's game-winning buzzer-beater against North Carolina was one of the all-time great moments in college basketball - there's no question. But if you're thinking you've seen the play before - you're right. 

It's essentially the same play that Indiana beat Kentucky on back in December of 2011. And UNC made the same fatal mistake that UK did.

In the Indiana victory, Christian Watford inbounded the ball to Verdell Jones, who received a pick near midcourt from Cody Zeller. Jones did his best to penetrate the defense quickly before turning around and dumping it off to Watford, who was trailing the play. Of course, the Wildcats left him uncovered, and he buried it.

In Villanova's win, it's realistically the same play, just on the other side of the court. Kris Jenkins inbounds the ball to Ryan Arcidiacono, who runs off of a pick at midcourt from Daniel Ochefu. Jenkins, unguarded, trails the play, receives the dump-off pass from Arcidiacono, and makes history.

Here are the two plays. The only real difference is that Jones, who has a little more time, penetrates the defense further than Arcidiacono does.

To be clear - it's a tough situation for the defense. With four or five seconds on the game clock, defenders have to do their best not to let the player with the ball get to the rim - considering there is enough time. But in both cases, it was the inbounder trailing the play who wound up being the hero.