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Dick Vitale Knocked Pitt, Says Teams That Finish With 6-6 Records Shouldn't Make Bowls


The Little Caesars Bowl between Bowling Green and Pittsburgh went right down to the wire tonight, but at least one person was excited at all by the game: Dick Vitale. The fan favorite analyst doesn't think that 6-6 teams should qualify for bowls, so of course, Pitt didn't belong on the field:

Certainly the teams that just squeak their way in aren't incredibly impressive (some don't even have winning records), but it's nice for fans to get one last chance to support their favorite schools before the year ends. It also gives us all a much longer bowl season with more games, but you can see why Vitale thinks that 6-6 teams aren't deserving, especially when you consider how much harder it is to qualify for the NCAA Tournament in the sport he really, really loves.

One thing that's worth mentioning though, is that the .500 Pitt Panthers just beat a 10-3 Bowling Green team from the MAC, so record isn't necessarily indicative of how tough a team is either. What do you think -- should 6-6 teams be allowed to play in bowl games?