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Pitt AD Steve Pederson 'Can't Blame' Paul Chryst For Considering Jump To Wisconsin

“(Wisconsin) is his alma mater,” Pederson said. “You can understand why this would give him pause to think about it. I can’t blame him for that. I don’t think most people would blame him for that.”

With that being said, Pederson still thinks he has a chance to keep Chryst in Pittsburgh.

“We have made it known to Paul and we have for some time that we would like him to be here for a long time,” Pederson said. “That’s never been an issue here. We are committed to him long-term and hope he will stay committed here long-term. I hope our coach will stay.”

Pitt has had awful luck hanging on to coaches since firing Dave Wannstedt in 2010. It is hard to blame Panther fans if they are annoyed about how things have gone recently.