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The Pitt Basketball Program Has Had A Brutal Offseason

To put it simply, Pitt basketball has had a disastrous offseason.

The Panthers struggled to a 16-17 record last season under new head coach Kevin Stallings. Things have only gotten worse once the season ended.


Pitt Panthers Men's Basketball Roster.

— Jake (@Just_Lew_it) May 24, 2017

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Pitt fan Jake details it below, the roster carnage has been plentiful. Now, four of the team's top five players graduated, but that's not all. A whopping six players elected to seek transfers. That's almost half of last season's 14-man roster. Topping it off, another player quit the program while still one more guy was dismissed. Read the full rundown below and weep (or laugh).

Making matters worse, Stallings and Pitt are under fire for putting restrictions on where guard Cam Johnson can transfer. Nothing like piling on some more bad P.R.

The Stallings hire wasn't a popular one last year, and while he has a solid recruiting class coming in, he has put himself behind the eight-ball with this mass exodus.

Now isn't a great time to be a Pitt fan.