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Video: Iowa's Marshall Koehn Beats Pittsburgh With 57-Yard Field Goal To End Game

Iowa kicker Marshall Koehn kicks a 57 yard field gaol to win the game.


Most college coaches wouldn't be comfortable sending their kicker out for a 57-yard field goal to win the game. Kirk Ferentz is not one of those coaches. With the game tied at 24, Hawkeye kicker Marshall Koehn blasts one from 57 out to send Pittsburgh home with a loss. As you can imagine, the team mobs him after the win becomes official.

">@HawkeyeFootball K Marshall Koehn! Brought to you by #GrubHub.

— Iowa on BTN (@IowaOnBTN)

How about a 57-yd FG for the win? That's nothing for @HawkeyeFootball K Marshall Koehn! Brought to you by #GrubHub.

— Iowa On BTN (@IowaOnBTN) September 20, 2015

">September 20, 2015

Remember, folks, kickers are people too. Sometimes, they'll even win you a game.