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Photos: 10 Of College Basketball's Most Famous Coaches From Way Back In The Day

Recognize that guy?

Ever wonder what your favorite NCAA basketball coaches looked like in their younger years?

We went through the archives and found some old pictures of the most respected coaches college basketball has to offer.

Continue on for a trip down memory lane to see Jim Boeheim, Mike Krzyzweski and many more then and now.

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Duke's Mike Krzyzewski ("Coach K") joined the Blue Devils in 1980. But before that, he played basketball for Bob Knight at West Point. Here he is as a player with Knight, in the late 1960s (right):

Here's Mike Krzyzewski now:

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Jim Boeheim has spent the mostconsecutive seasons with one school of any current college basketball coach. He joined SU in 1976 after having walked on to the team his freshman year in 1962 (here's a picture of him as a player).

Jim Boeheim, now:Next Page >>Here's one of Michigan State's head coach, Tom Izzo, from 1977. It was his first day coaching the Ispheming High School team. He's been with Michigan State's basketball program since 1995:Next Page >>Bob Huggins, West Virginia's basketball coach, has also had a long coaching career. He attended WVU for his undergraduate degree and joined as its head coach in 2007. Here's an early shot of him from the early 1980s during his first coaching gig at Walsh:Next Page >>Rick Pitino became the head coach of Louisville's basketball team in 2001. He began his coaching career at Hawaii and went to Boston University in the late 1970s. Here's a photo from his time at BU:Next Page >>Thad Matta began coaching Ohio State in 2004. But before he was a coach, he was a basketball player. Matt finished his college career at Butler, where he played in the late 1980s. Here's a photo from his Butler days:Next Page >>Greg Kampe has been coaching Oakland's basketball team since 1984. Here's a shot of him from the early 90s:Next Page >>Jamie Dixon was also a college basketball player before he was a coach. Here's a shot of him in the late 80s:Now Jamie is a coach for Pitt, where he's been since 1999. Here's a recent shot:Next Page >>BONUS: Bob Knight was a player for Ohio State in the early 1960s. He finished his coaching career at Texas Tech before joining ESPN as a commentator. Here's a shot from his Buckeye days:Here's a recent photo of KnightNext Page >>BONUS: Jim Calhoun spent 30-some years coaching the UConn Huskies. He began his coaching career in the 70s at Northeastern. Here's a shot from 1972: