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ACC Will Make At Least $30 Million From 2016 NCAA Tournament

The ACC has run through this year's NCAA Tournament, with a record six teams advancing to the Sweet 16. Not only does that help lift the reputation of the league as a basketball powerhouse, but it is also going to line the pockets of the 15 member schools. Thanks to the efforts of Duke, Miami, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse, and Virginia, the league will collect at least $30.3 million from this year's tournament, possibly more as all six remaining teams can still make the Elite Eight. ESPN explains the payouts further:

Each game played in this year's tournament is worth $265,791. That money is paid out in each of the next six years (2017-22), with the number for each game, or unit, growing each year of the payout. When multiplied times six, the total worth of a game played in this year's tournament will be at least $1.59 million.


That means the ACC has 13 units from 13 games played and is guaranteed another six units from Sweet 16 games. Nineteen units will add up to more than $30.3 million over the six-year payout.

In the South Region, Miami plays Villanova, Duke faces No. 1 seed Oregon in the West, UNC will face Indiana and Notre Dame will play Wisconsin in the East Region, and Virginia and Syracuse are alive in the Midwest, playing Iowa State and Gonzaga, respectively. An all-ACC Final Four is certainly not a likely outcome, but it is very much in play. In college sports, football is generally the big money maker, but the ACC has a chance to cash in big time on its top sport.


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