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Brandon Reese Explains How He Walked On To SU's Basketball Team And Talks Post-Graduation Plans

Reese says he was a "recruited walk-on."

Fox News interviewed Orange fan favorite Brandon Reese about his experience on the Syracuse basketball team and his post-graduation plans.

Reese walked on to the team his freshman year, but he was actually recruited in high school without having been offered a scholarship.

"Back in high school one of my teammates Brandon Knight was highly recruited by a lot of colleges and that attention rubbed off on me," Reese recalls. "Every time Coach Fine came down to Florida I had a really good game and it caused tension. So by the end of my senior year he offered me the chance to come up here as a recruited walk-on and be on the team, just no scholarship, and [said I] could possibly earn one in the future."

Reese ended up getting a three-year scholarship and earned a few minutes of playing time during blow-out games.

"Being able to save my mom and dad money to come up here, almost $200,000, is a real blessing and I'm just happy I could continue to play basketball," he says.

The 5'11 graduate is hoping to play basketball abroad; Fox says he'll be signing with an agent shortly.

Here's the Fox interview with Brandon Reese: