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ESPN Released Win-Loss Projections For Every College Football Team, Per FPI

Dontavious Jackson get a Seminoles tattoo.

Dontavious Jackson

ESPN released its official FPI rankings Thursdayahead of the 2016 college football season, which includes projected win-loss records for every FBS squad. The Florida State Seminoles, despite having the third-toughest schedule in the nation, have the highest projected win total, at 10.6 games.

Clemson, FSU's main competition in the ACC, has virtually the same projected win-loss record, at 10.5-1.9. LSU, not Alabama, is the SEC's top dog, with a projected 10.5 wins in 2016.

Here's a look at the top 20. You can head over to ESPN to see numbers for every team in the country. Kansas is actually the team projected to record the lowest number of wins this year - at 2.5. That would be an improvement, considering the Jayhawks went winless in 2015.

Some other notes:

  • Tennessee, not Alabama, is given the second-best chance at winning the SEC.
  • While Washington has the highest projected win total in the Pac-12, USC is the favorite to win the league.
  • Michigan is given the best chance to win the Big Ten - in Jim Harbaugh's second year.
  • Oklahoma is given the highest percentage chance at going undefeated.
  • Boise State is the non-power five school with the highest number of projected wins.

It'll be interesting to see how the season plays out - and how accurate ESPN's projections wind up being.