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ESPN's Bill Simmons Rips Dick Vitale, Calls Syracuse's Jim Boeheim A "Disgraced College Coach"

Bill Simmons in the Grantland studio.

Jim Boeheim held a press conference this morning following the news that he will be retiring as Syracuse's men's basketball coach in three years. The decision to retire comes roughly two weeks after the NCAA hammered the Orange with vacated wins, scholarship reductions and a nine-game suspension for the 70-year-old coach. 

After the press conference, ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale went on SportsCenter. Vitale, who is notorious for being unable to criticize elite coaches, said the only thing Boeheim did wrong was putting his trust in the wrong people. "Jim Boeheim didn't cheat. He's guilty of one thing, trust," Vitale said.

This seems to irk ESPN's Bill Simmons the wrong way, as he ripped Vitale and Boeheim with a series of tweets. 

">March 19, 2015

">March 19, 2015

">March 19, 2015

Don't get suspended, Bill.