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ESPN's Chad Ford Reveals 21 Players Invited To Green Room For NBA Draft

With former Kansas center Joel Embiid officially being out between four and six months after having foot surgery Friday morning, it's anyone's guess as to who will be taken first overall in next Thursday's NBA Draft. But we do know one thing - there are going to be a lot of people waiting in the "green room" to hear their names called. ESPN's Chad Ford tweeted out a list of 21 players who have been invited to attend the draft in person and hang out in the VIP area. In the past, the number has usually been between 10 and 15.

The 21 players invited are:

">June 20, 2014

">June 20, 2014

Here's a list, for those of you who aren't on a last-name-only basis with some of these guys.

Andrew Wiggins - Kansas
Jabari Parker - Duke
Joel Embiid - Kansas
Dante Exum - Australia
Noah Vonleh - Indiana
Aaron Gordon - Arizona
Julius Randle - Kentucky
Marcus Smart - Oklahoma State
Doug McDermott - Creighton
Dario Saric - Croatia
Gary Harris - Michigan State
Elfrid Payton - Louisiana-Lafayette
Nik Stauskas - Michigan
James Young - Kentucky
Zach LaVine - UCLA
Jusuf Nurkic - Bosnia
Adreian Payne - Michigan State
T.J. Warren - NC State
Tyler Ennis - Syracuse
Rodney Hood - Duke
Shabazz Napier - Connecticut

In the NFL, it's a riskier game to invite more players to the green room. The draft lasts multiple days, and it can get embarrassing for players when they're still sitting around waiting to be taken on day two or three. In the NBA, the entire draft lasts one night - so even if a few of these guys aren't taken until the second round (likely), it won't be too bad. Let's hope it doesn't happen either way.