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Fab Melo Being Evaluated For A Concussion After Walking Into A Door... Seriously

Fab being Fab.

I went to the Maine Red Claws game last week to check out Fab Melo playing in the NBA Developmental League. When I got to the game, I found out Melo had been ruled out due to injury. I didn't think much of it, until today when rumors started swirling that Melo suffered a concussion from hitting his head on a door hinge. 

Those rumors were confirmed today when Melo admitted that the incident occurred while at a hotel on the road in South Dakota. 

The phrase, "Fab Being Fab", a play on the old "Manny Being Manny", has been coined and is starting to spread around social media. But I'm going to give the guy a little immunity here. The dude is seven feet tall. We short journalists wouldn't understand a life of ducking through every door you go through. 

The Boston and Syracuse communities alike react to the incident on social media: