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Fans Are Really Confused By ESPN's "Disturbing" Tweet After Syracuse Beat Duke

Very strange.

This evening, college basketball fans were treated to one of the best games of the season when Syracuse defeated Duke in overtime at the Carrier Dome in front of a record on-campus crowd of 35,466 people. The game was full of big dunks, serious hustle, and clutch shots -- anybody who watched it came away in awe.

After the game, ESPN posted a rather interesting graphic on Twitter -- it featured a rather evil-looking Otto the Orange gagging the Duke Blue Devil (with an orange of all things -- why would an orange put another orange in somebody's mouth?), and it seems that many people were confused and disturbed by the picture (the tweet has since been deleted):

Of course, the graphic was definitely not meant to be taken literally and was not designed to be offensive, but maybe the artist could have toned things down just a bit.