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Here Are College Spun's Staff Picks For The 2016 NCAA Tournament

The 2016 NCAA Tournament begins tonight with two play-in games, followed by another pair tomorrow. The Round of 64 begins Thursday, and the sound you hear is men, women and children nationwide sitting down and poring over their brackets, making last minute edits and hoping to pick as many winners as possible. 

At College Spun, making predictions is a big part of what we do, so of course we're filling out brackets. Each of us has our Cinderellas and bracket busters, as well as our top seeds ticketed for deep runs.

Want to know how we see March Madness shaking out? Take a look at College Spun's staff predictions for the 2016 NCAA Tournament. We even filled them out old-school pen-and-paper style.

Steve Driscoll's filled out NCAA tournament bracket.

Steve Driscoll

Matt Lombardi's filled out NCAA tournament bracket.

Matt Lombardi

Matt Hladiki's filled out NCAA tournament bracket

Matt Hladik

Dustin's picks for the NCAA tournament.

Dustin Tackett

Dan Lyons filled out NCAA tournament bracket.

Dan Lyons

Andrew Holleran's filled out NCAA tournament bracket.

Andrew Holleran

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know.