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Here Is The Best Uniform Combination For Every Power 5 Program

College football uniforms are more popular today than they've ever been. Sure, the uniforms themselves have always been there, even if they've evolved over time. But never has what teams wear mattered more than it does right now.

Outfitters like Nike, Under Armour and adidas vie for partnerships with schools and dish out insanely lucrative endorsement deals. Teams routinely break out new and bold uniform combinations every season. Throwbacks and alternate-style uniforms are all the rage. Also, ask recruits what they are looking for in a program, and we can bet that good-looking uniforms ranks pretty high on the list. 

With all that in mind, we've decided to take a crack at coming up with the best uniform combination for each Power Five program. Some of these were easier than others; there's a lot more to choose from for Oregon than, say, Alabama. Overall, this list is the best of the best each school has to offer. 

Let's kick things off: 

Get Started: ACC Atlantic >>>

ACC Atlantic

Boston College

The Eagles' standard home and away jerseys look good, but these Doug Flutie-era throwbacks the team wore last season against Notre Dame stole the show.

">November 17, 2015


When the Tigers play at in Death Valley in their bright orange and white home uniforms, it's a beautiful sight.

">May 5, 2016

Florida StateThe 'Noles have classic, easily recognizable uniforms, and it doesn't get any better than the home garnet-and-gold. 

">@tdonline — (@NoleSports)

FSU's Dalvin Cook, Sean Maguire ahead of schedule from offseason surgeries via

— (@NoleSports) May 28, 2016

">May 28, 2016

Louisville Adidas has put its spin on the Cards' uniforms recently, to mixed reviews. Regardless of design, Louisville's "black out" alternate always looks great. Here's the 2015 version against Clemson.

NC StateThe Wolfpack has a terrific color scheme, and it's hard to screw up red, black and white. They do a nice job with their unis, but we love the white tops with the red pants and red helmets. The look really pops. 

SyracuseThe Orange have modernized their uniforms the past couple of years, but their white top/orange helmet/orange pants look has an old-school feel and is their best choice. 

Wake ForestWake rolled out new unis last season, and their black and gold home combo looks to be the best one.

">May 7, 2015

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ACC Coastal 


Duke''s uniforms have an older style to them, and the basic white top/royal blue pants on the road is appealing. 

Georgia Tech

The Yellow Jackets' all-white combo gets the nod here. 

">June 8, 2016

MiamiMiami tweaked its look a lot when it moved to adidas, but the orange top/white pants pairing at home still looks good, and brings back memories of when "The U" reigned supreme.

">@MiamiHurricanes QB Brad Kaaya settling into new offense: — Today's U (@TodaysUSports) April 13, 2016

North Carolina

The Heels' home uniform wins here, because it shows off that Carolina blue. Gotta love that argyle pattern on all the UNC jerseys now as well. 

">April 14, 2016

PittThe Panthers just rolled out new uniforms, going back to the famed "Pitt Script." We applaud the move, and give the all-blue the slight edge. Really all three look great. 

">@Pitt_FB and a new blue helmet — UNISWAG (@Uniformswag) May 18, 2016


This throwback look the Cavs wore last year, complete with a snazzy orange helmet, should get worn more often. 

Virginia Tech

The Hokies' home uniform has long been a solid look. Here they pair it with an alternate helmet. 

">June 2, 2016

Notre DameWe had to include the Fighting Irish here, a fine spot considering they have a contractual agreement to play multiple ACC uniforms. Notre Dame's classic blue home jersey with gold pants and shiny, gold helmet is one of college football's iconic looks.

">April 26, 2016

Next: Big 12 >>>Big 12


Matte almost always great, which is why we chose Baylor's green jersey/matte green helmet/white pants outfit from its many uniform options. 

">May 28, 2016

Iowa StateThe Cyclones don't alter their uniforms much, which is a good thing. There's no need to touch this red jersey/gold pants home uni. It's fantastic. 

">May 27, 2016


The Jayhawks don't have a good team, but at least their blue home jerseys with white pants are a classy and clean look. 

">June 1, 2016

Kansas StateWe'll give the Wildcats' purple home jerseys the nod here, simply because purple is not a typical color for college teams and it really pops with the silver pants and helmets.

">April 28, 2016


Part of us really, really wanted to pick the Sooners' cream alternate, but while those are fantastic, it's tough to beat out the classic crimson jersey over white pants. 

">@baker_mayfield6 made one

.@baker_mayfield6 made one @OU_Football fan's day in the coolest way possible.

— Campus Insiders (@CampusInsiders) May 13, 2016

">@OU_Football fan's day in the coolest way possible. — Campus Insiders (@CampusInsiders)

.@baker_mayfield6 made one @OU_Football fan's day in the coolest way possible.

— Campus Insiders (@CampusInsiders) May 13, 2016

">May 13, 2016

Oklahoma StateOrange tops, white pants, whit helmets. Great uniform. 

">October 12, 2015


The Horned Frogshavea number of different combos, but we're partial to the purple helmet and pants with the black home jerseys. 

">November 28, 2015

TexasThere's a reason why Texas hasn't altered its uniforms, and why fans are so possessive of them. That burnt orange and white is a gorgeous look. 

">@Hayesfawcett3 for the — D'Onta Foreman #IDM (@D33_foreman)

Lil picture before Fall camp starts Friday.
S/o to the lil homie @Hayesfawcett3 for the edit !

— D'Onta Foreman (@D33_foreman) August 6, 2015

">August 6, 2015

Texas TechYou can't really go wrong with any of Texas Tech's combos, because as we've said, black, red and white just works. This clean-cut black top/white pants look makes our list. 

">September 12, 2015

West VirginiaThe Mountaineers have an underrated amount of helmet/uniform combos to mix and match. We like the modernized blue top/blue helmet/gold pants look best.

">@Profootballtalk that the Texans wanted West Virginia's Karl Joseph. Badly. — NBC Sports (@NBCSports)

Sources tell @Profootballtalk that the Texans wanted West Virginia's Karl Joseph. Badly.

— NBC Sports (@NBCSports) April 29, 2016

">April 29, 2016

Next: Big Ten East >>>Big Ten EastIndianaThe Hoosiers may have a bunch of different helmets, but their typical home jerseys are a clean, simple look. 

">@IU_RG3 at #IUFB photo

— Indiana Football (@HoosierFootball) April 27, 2016

MarylandDubbed "Oregon East" for its connection to a major outfitter (in this case, Under Armour), Maryland goes for flashy and eye-catching with its uniforms. We like the all-red get-up. 

">February 29, 2016


Did we really have any other choice than to pick the Wolverines' Maize and Blue home outfit? The throwback white road ones do look cool too, though. 

Michigan State

The Spartans' all-white road uniforms are plain but not boring. They just look great. 


— Michael Goins (@DynastyFFactory) June 6, 2016

Ohio StateThe home scarlet-and-grey looks fantastic. We understand why a lot of OSU fans don't want to see any alternate looks. 

">September 28, 2015

Penn State

Penn State hasn't altered its primary uniforms --save for putting names on the back for a couple of seasons--since as far as we remember. The blue/white home get-up still looks great. 

">May 24, 2016

RutgersThe Scarlet Knights went back to the future with their new set of uniforms this off-season. They hearken back to the Nike ones the team had from 2008-2011, with some subtle changes. The red ones look better than the white. 

">May 4, 2016

Next: Big Ten West >>>Big Ten West


The orange top with white pants look that Jihad Ward is wearing in this picture is Illinois' top combo. 

">@JIHADWARD17 making noise at

#Illini @813MrFreakShow & @JIHADWARD17 making noise at @seniorbowl » ??

— Illini Football (@IlliniFootball) January 29, 2016

">@seniorbowl »

— Illini Football (@IlliniFootball)

#Illini @813MrFreakShow & @JIHADWARD17 making noise at @seniorbowl » ??

— Illini Football (@IlliniFootball) January 29, 2016

">January 29, 2016

IowaBlack jersey. Gold pants. Can't lose. 

">April 23, 2016


The Gophers' uniforms are underrated. We chose their road white jersey/maroon pants with maroon matte helmet over their also excellent maroon jersey/gold pant home look. 

">@THEKID2335 averaged 6 yards per carry as freshman. Only

#Gophers@THEKID2335 averaged 6 yards per carry as freshman. Only @LaurenceMaroney, Barber III ave more as frosh

— Minnesota Football (@GopherFootball) January 22, 2016

">@LaurenceMaroney, Barber III ave more as frosh

— Minnesota Football (@GopherFootball)

#Gophers@THEKID2335 averaged 6 yards per carry as freshman. Only @LaurenceMaroney, Barber III ave more as frosh

— Minnesota Football (@GopherFootball) January 22, 2016

">January 22, 2016

NebraskaRed jersey. White pants. Please don't mess up a good thing anymore Nebraska. Please.

">June 5, 2016


The Outback Bowl didn't go very well for Northwestern, but at least the Wildcats wore their best uniform combination during it. 

">@OutbackBowl in Tampa

#Vols crush #Northwestern 45-6 to win @OutbackBowl in Tampa

— tnsports (@tnsports) January 1, 2016


— tnsports (@tnsports)

#Vols crush #Northwestern 45-6 to win @OutbackBowl in Tampa

— tnsports (@tnsports) January 1, 2016

">January 1, 2016

Purdue Purdue added new uniforms this off-season, and they look pretty sharp. We really dig the anthracite ones especially. 

WisconsinLike its preferred style of play, Wisconsin's uniform is simple and effective. We like the standard home one best. 

">April 21, 2016

Next: Pac-12 North >>>

Pac-12 North


The Golden Bears' standard home uniform is simple and elegant. 

">May 19, 2016

OregonThis one was the toughest one to pick, for obvious reasons. Pretty much all of Oregon's uniform choices look great, but we wish they would go with their throwbacks more often. These kelly green and yellow jerseys are simply awesome. 

">January 13, 2015

Oregon State

The Beavers are another program with a pretty solid all-black uniform. 

">February 17, 2016

StanfordThe Cardinal keep things simple, and simple works well, particularly with their home look.

WashingtonThe Huskies' purple and gold home unis are timeless.

">April 7, 2016

Washington State

The Cougars have multiple nice combos but we gave the nod to their "typical" home uni. 

">November 18, 2015

Next: Pac-12 South >>>Pac-12 SouthArizonaThe Wildcats' red jerseys are very sharp, particularly when paired with white pants. 

">April 26, 2016

Arizona State

We are big fans of the Sun Devil's grey "Desert Hammer" alternate, unveiled last year.


— The Best Gear (@TheBestGear)

Arizona State unveiled there #DesertHammer Uniforms via

— The Best Gear (@TheBestGear) September 28, 2015

">September 28, 2015


Colorado's uniforms, which were updated for the 2015 season, look great overall. It's tough to top the black and gold one though. 

">May 4, 2015

UCLAIt doesn't get much better than the crisp blue/bright gold combination the Bruins wear at home. 

">June 7, 2016


USC's home uniform: like the Talking Heads said, "Same as it ever was." In this case, that's a good thing. 

">June 8, 2016

UtahWe love Utah's regular red home jerseys, but man, we wish they'd use these throwbacks again. 

">May 19, 2016

Next: SEC East >>>

SEC East


Yes, UF's colors are blue and orange, but their all-white away uniforms are an incredibly clean look, and the orange helmet provides the perfect accent. 

">September 20, 2015

GeorgiaWhen Georgia plays at home and Sanford-Hare gets turned into a sea of red, it looks tremendous.

">April 16, 2016


The Wildcats got new uniforms during the off-season complete with the school's new logo. All of them are pretty nice, but it's tough to beat the all-whites with that checkerboard pattern.

">February 5, 2016

MissouriWe're a sucker for any kind of black matte helmet, which makes Missouri's all-black get-up the best one the Tigers have. 

">@GaryPinkel's home finale.

— Mizzou Buzz (@mizzoubuzz)

Opening kickoff went well for #Mizzou. Everything else didn't in @GaryPinkel's home finale.

— Mizzou Buzz (@mizzoubuzz) November 22, 2015

">November 22, 2015

South CarolinaThe Gamecocks' garnet and white home uniforms, complete with black trim, are sharp year in and year out. 

">September 11, 2015


Tennessee's regular home and away jerseys are awesome, but this alternate "smokey grey" is an incredible look. There's a reason UniSwag named it Uniform of the Year.

">October 15, 2015

VanderbiltAll-grey uniforms take big risks, but Vandy pulls this look off. 

">March 24, 2016

Next: SEC West >>>

SEC West


You can't beat Alabama's home uniform. You can only hope to compete with it. 

">June 1, 2016

ArkansasCall us old-fashioned but we really like Arkansas' classic home look. 

">April 23, 2016


Like their arch-rivals, it's tough to top Auburn's classic home uniform. There's a reason why the Tigers don't mess with it and change it. 


The Tigers only really wear one uniform combination, but when it looks that good, why mess with success?

">May 23, 2016

Mississippi StateWe chose MSU's maroon and white home uni, for good reason. 

">@Theboss_8! Can't wait to see you make plays again this fall!

— MSU Football (@HailStateFB)

Happy Birthday @Theboss_8! Can't wait to see you make plays again this fall!

— MSU Football ? (@HailStateFB) May 19, 2016

">May 19, 2016

Ole MissThat red home jersey/light blue helmet combo is a powerhouse look. 


— Ole Miss Football (@OleMissFB)

September 10 home opener vs. Wofford will kick off at 3 pm CT on @SECNetwork.

— Ole Miss Football (@OleMissFB) June 7, 2016

">June 7, 2016

Texas A&MThe Aggies have spiced up their uniform collection lately, but we still love the all-whites with the white helmet best of all. 

">October 17, 2015

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