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Here's An Updated 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Ahead Of The Sweet 16

If the first two rounds of the 2016 NCAA Tournament weren't the most exciting in the event's history, they're certainly in the running. We saw a 15-seed knock off the national title favorite. We saw numerous buzzer-beaters - including one from half-court. We saw a 12-point comeback in just 44 seconds. And we witnessed historic dominance from one conference - the ACC.

Now, we're onto the Sweet 16 - where the insanity seems to have settled. In fact, Gonzaga - winner of the West Coast Conference - is the only school from a non-power league left. That being said, the Bulldogs are dangerous.

Here's an updated look at the bracket. All four No. 1 seeds remain - though many have tough matchups this week. One week from now, we'll know which teams will be participating in the Final Four.

Sweet Sixteen Bracket for the NCAA bracket.

Here's the schedule for games on Thursday and Friday. Elite Eight contests will be played Saturday and Sunday.


(2) Villanova vs. (3) Miami: 7:10 PM ET on CBS
(2) Oklahoma vs. (3) Texas A&M: 7:37 PM ET on TBS
(1) Kansas vs. (5) Maryland: 9:40 PM ET on CBS
(1) Oregon vs. (4) Duke: 10:07 PM ET on TBS


(1) Virginia vs. (4) Iowa State: 7:10 PM ET on CBS
(6) Notre Dame vs. (7) Wisconsin: 7:27 PM ET on TBS
(10) Syracuse vs. (11) Gonzaga: 9:40 PM ET on CBS
(1) North Carolina vs. (5) Indiana: 9:57 PM ET on TBS

It's been a historic year. Are there more surprises in store?