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Here's Every Conference's Record After 3 Rounds Of The NCAA Tournament

After Friday night's contests, we're down to just eight teams left in the NCAA Tournament. Half - as we noted earlier - come from one conference, the ACC. The Big 12 still claims Oklahoma and Kansas. The Pac-12, just Oregon. Villanova is the lone Big East representative. There are no squads left from either the Big Ten or the SEC.

As you'll see below, via the AP, the ACC's record thus far is astounding. At 16-3, the league has twice as many wins as any other conference. It's also guaranteed two spots in the Final Four and one in the national title game. The Big 12 technically has the second-best record, at 8-5.

Here's a grid of every conference's record. The ACC is guaranteed at least three more wins - and three more losses. It'll finish either 20-6 or 19-7, depending upon how the championship game plays out.

">March 26, 2016

The ACC was top dog this year. Will one of its teams win the title?