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Here's What 10 Of The World's Top Sports Websites Looked Like A Decade Ago

Nowadays, sports fans can access news, watch live games or find scores for their favorites teams in literally seconds, whether it's on their smartphones or on a computer. But as recently as a decade ago, things were much different - and different looking. Back then, there really were only a handful of top sports websites that were churning out content on a daily basis. As you'll notice below, many of them have come a long way in the design department.

Using the Wayback Machine, we took screenshots of what 10 of the most popular sports websites looked like a decade ago. In some cases, it hasn't even been that long since they were founded.


ESPN then:

ESPN now:

Yahoo Sports then:

Yahoo Sports now:

Deadspin then (2005)

Deadspin now

SB Nation then (2006).

SB Nation now.

Barstool Sports then.

Barstool Sports now.

Bleacher Report then (2007).

Bleacher Report now.

The Big Lead then.

The Big Lead now.

Fox Sports then.

Fox Sports now.

CBS Sports then.

CBS Sports now.

NBC Sports then.

NBC Sports now.

It's crazy to try and imagine where we'll be one decade from now.