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Here's What's On The Line For Syracuse vs. Pitt Tomorrow Night

Make or break?

It seems a little early in the season to be calling a game "make or break" for a team. It's the first Big East game of the season, how is this the be-all end-all for the Orange?

A good start is not only important for this team, but it's essential to the season's success. The last time the Orange started a season 1-4 was in 2008, when the team went on to a final 3-9 record. The first few games of the season were scheduled because they were winnable, with the exception of USC. It was very likely for this team to head into Big East play with a 3-1 record (the record the Orange started with when it went to the Pinstripe Bowl), keeping bowl game hopes in sight. But that obviously didn't happen.

The Big East schedule is ahead and the majority of those games won't be any easier than the Northwestern game or the Minnesota game. But some local analysts don't agree with me.

Brent Axe is right. A must-win game indicates that the season would be lost if the Orange falls tomorrow.

If the Orange loses to Pittsburgh, the next game becomes a "salvage-game". Not to salvage bowl game hope, but to salvage the respect of this football program.

Because if the Orange loses this weekend, the hopes of going to a bowl game are gone. That might be a bold or even a pessimistic prediction, but I truly think that's the case, especially after Syracuse's Big East performance last season.

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