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Here's Your 2013 NCAA Final Four Parity Chart

Is there a faster way?

The 2013 men's college basketball season was full of parity. The national rankings changed drastically each week, and there were numerous instances in which multiple teams slotted in the top five lost to unranked schools. Back in early March, we put together a parity chart of every team in D-1 college basketball, but with Grambling State not winning a game, it unfortunately needed to have both a beginning and an end. 

We thought it'd also be interesting to see how quickly you could create a parity chart involving this season's Final Four teams. After running numerous scenarios, we were able to do it with just ten teams, though we're not 100% certain that this is the fastest way. 

If you can show us a graph with less than ten teams, let us know. Otherwise, enjoy our version of a 2013 Final Four parity chart.