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Is Ryan Nassib The Top NFL Prospect?

One guy says yes.

Russell Lande is either absolutely crazy ... or he's onto something. Lande ranked the top 200 NFL prospects heading into this year's NFL draft and former Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib sat atop the rankings.

So, who is this Russell Lande guy? He actually has quite a bit of experience with NFL scouting. According to his website, he has worked as a scout under the likes of Jack Faulkner and Dick Vermeil. He was credited for having discovered NFL kicker Billy Cundiff. Will Nassib be his next big discovery? 

The most interesting part is that Nassib has climbed Lande's chart at a very quick pace. In his last version of the rankings, Nassib was ranked 99th with a 6.00 rating. Was it Nassib's Senior Bowl performance that impressed Lande? No way. The QB went just 4-for-10 passing for 44 yards. He also fumbled the ball and was picked off during the game. 

Lande has gotten a lot of reaction on Twitter since naming Nassib the top prospect and he continues to defend himself. Some claimed he did it for attention, just to get a national reaction.