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Jim Boeheim Addressed The FBI's Investigation Into College Basketball After The Duke Game

Jim Boeheim frowns at a press conference.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim commented on the FBI's investigation into college basketball after his team's loss to Duke on Saturday night.

Syracuse fell to No. 5 Duke this past Saturday, dropping to 7-9 in the ACC - putting its NCAA Tournament chances on life support. But after the contest, head coach Jim Boeheim wasn't just asked about his team's struggles this season - he was asked to comment on the FBI's investigation into college basketball as well.

Boeheim said that he isn't surprised that agents are trying to land players before they're considered professionals. But he is surprised that coaches are getting involved.

"Everybody knows, for 30 years, agents have been involved with players' families. This is nothing that would surprise anybody in coaching. Agents are trying to get clients and when you have the one-and-done factor, they need to get them early. They can't wait four years before they go after them. That's not surprising.

The thing that has been surprising this year is obviously the assistant coaches being involved. I don't know what the facts are, I'm not going to comment on that. As far as what happened at Arizona, I don't know. But as far as agents, I don't think that there is anybody who has any doubt that agents are going to talk to parents. They're in the business of getting one guy - that's a $10 million deal. If they can't get him through the parents or whatever - that has nothing to do with college basketball. We can't stop that.

Players need to know better, but they don't know. You don't solve it by paying players. Agents are going to still try to get the player."

Syracuse posted video of the presser as well:

Thus far, Syracuse has not been implicated in any of the reports relating to the FBI's investigation.

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