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Jim Boeheim Misremembers How Many Players He Played During His Title Run

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is either fudging facts a bit to help prove a point or starting to suffer from memory loss. Monday afternoon, Boeheim, while explaining how you don't need great depth to win in college basketball, told reporters that his 2002-2003 national championship team played seven players. For those unaware, injuries to DaJuan Coleman and Baye Moussa Keita have left SU thin inside at the moment - hence the topic of conversation.

">February 17, 2014

The thing is - it's not true. Boeheim actually played eight players that year - Carmelo Anthony, Gerry McNamara, Kueth Duany, Craig Forth, Hakim Warrick, Jeremy McNeil, Josh Pace and Billy Edelin, once he returned from his 12-game suspension. "Played" in the sense he's speaking of means they were in the regular rotation every game.

Here's a screenshot from

I just want to know which player he forgot about...