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Jim Boeheim Told Reporters To "Go Get Your Pulitzer Someplace Else" Last Night

A bad mood?

In his 37th season, Jim Boeheim seems to be waging war against the media like never before. Just a few weeks ago, he called Andy Katz an "idiot" and a "disloyal person" after a Syracuse loss to UConn. And last night, Boeheim went after CBS' Jeff Goodman after what seemed like a pretty innocent question about leadership on the team.

Check it out below, via

And after the cameras stopped rolling, Boeheim allegedly told the media "go get your Pulitzer someplace else."

Syracuse has dropped two straight games and will finish February with a losing record, so Boeheim is understandably upset with how the season is progressing. But is he reacting to the media a bit too harshly at this point?