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Jimbo Fisher Calls Last Year's ACC The Most "Dominant" League Ever

Jimbo Fisher is many things, a great college football coach among them. One thing he is not, apparently, is a college football historian. Fisher's 2013 Florida State teams may very well be one of the great teams in recent memory, but the 2013 ACC as a whole? It was a pretty good league. The SEC was still probably better top to bottom, as was the Pac-12. Comparing the ACC, Big Ten, and Big 12 is a good debate. That makes one of Fisher's statements at media day today very confusing.

">July 21, 2014

Florida State was a fantastic team. Clemson was very good, as evidenced by their victory over Ohio State in the Orange Bowl. Duke had ones of its best seasons in program history, and Miami was a pretty solid team. For the most part, though, the ACC was very average beyond those three or four teams. Calling it "the most dominant year" a conference has had is pretty absurd.