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LSU RB Leonard Fournette Hurt vs. Syracuse

Leonard Fournette hurt in LSU's game against Syracuse.

Leonard Fournette Hurt

Update 2: Fournette apparently took one to the groin during the tackle in question. No fun.

">September 26, 2015

Update: Fournette has returned to the game. LSU leads 31-17 at the Carrier Dome.

">September 26, 2015

Earlier: LSU sophomore running back Leonard Fournette has run for 217 yards and two touchdowns against Syracuse so far Saturday afternoon, but his day may be over a bit early. Early in the fourth quarter, Fournette, after being gang-tackled by a number of Orange defenders, was slow to come off of the field. He's since been shown wincing in pain on the sideline, though it's unclear what's ailing him.

">September 26, 2015 

We'll keep you updated.