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New SU Offensive Coordinator Making Waves on Twitter

Using social media to your advantage.

The introductory press conference for head coach Scott Shafer got SU fans fired up for the upcoming football season. The worry of Doug Marrone's departure turned into optimism as Shafer promised a new, "hard-nosed" mentality, both on and off the field. But the big concern was recruits. As Marrone left for Buffalo and took a large chunk of the staff with him, the destiny of important recruits hung in the balance.

But new offensive coordinator George McDonald has come along and made those concerns fade. McDonald took to Twitter and let #OrangeNation know that he was ready to sign some football players. 

It's not always easy for fans to know what happens behind the scenes on the recruiting trail, but coach McDonald has given fans a play-by-play on his Twitter account. Fans desperately needed to grab onto for comfort as highly touted recruit Zach Allen de-committed from the Orange.

The fans have responded and are now fully supporting coach McDonald in his daily Twitter endeavors.