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Photo: Dockers Unveils Game Day Khakis, Shorts For 10 New Schools

Last year, Dockers unveiled a line of 'Game Day Khakis" for fans of 10 lucky big-time NCAA programs - Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon State, Washington State, Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Missouri and Texas A&M. Now, that number has doubled, as supporters of Syracuse, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Louisville, Kansas and Florida will be able to get in on the action. Heather Zeller of AGlamSlam.compointed out the news.

Here are some photos of the shorts and pants available for the new schools, via you can see, the back pocket has the program's logo and the inside of the band has a team-specific phrase.

If you're wondering, the pants are listed at $70 and the shorts are listed at $55.