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Photo: Two UConn Fans Bought The Website To Troll Orange Supporters

Residents of New York City can now buy websites with the domain name .nyc. Two UConn fans learned about this recent deal, and decided to use it to their advantage. According to a story in Sporting News, Tyler Wilkinson, Peter Bard and Russ Steinberg bought the website in an attempt to showcase "how influential the Huskies are in the NYC area."

The website leads to a page that calls UConn basketball "NYC's College Team," and features a slideshow that includes coach Kevin Ollie, former coach Jim Calhoun and former All-American guard Kemba Walker. This site also redirects to the UConn fan site,, which is owned by Wilkinson. Check it out:

In an interview with Sporting News, Steinberg argued that while Syracuse is in the state of New York, UConn is more influential in the Big Apple.

"Syracuse has bought ads on taxis and at Yankee Stadium that say they are New York's College Team, but UConn is the school with the SNY deal, and is the school that drove up those ridiculous East Regional prices last year at MSG," Steinberg explained.

We're sure that this will draw the ire of Syracuse fans. Unfortunately the two squads don't play during the regular season this year, so they aren't able to battle for the title of NYC's College Team unless they meet up during the NCAA Tournament.