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Photo: Which College Football And Basketball Team Does Your State Hate The Most, According To Reddit?

Maps that outline which team a state hates the most have become pretty popular over the last few weeks. These maps have given us some pretty entertaining results, like finding out the most hated Major League Baseball team in South Carolina is the Washington Nationals. Now, r/CFB and r/CollegeBasketball have gotten in on the fun, and have polled their users to find out which teams are the most hated in their state. Here's the map for college football:

">August 7, 2014

The results aren't too surprising for the most part -- a lot of states dislike Michigan and Alabama -- but a few results are eyebrow-raising. For example, New Mexico's hatred of Ole Miss and Vermont's hatred of Maryland are probably two you wouldn't expect.

Here's the map for college hoops:

This map is about what you'd expect. People hate powerhouses like Duke and Kentucky, and outside of Wyoming residents having strong feelings about Ohio State, this map is mostly made up of people from one state hating their rival team, or whichever team is dominant in a conference.

What do you think about these maps, does anything really surprise you?