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Playboy Releases Its "Top 10" Party Schools In The Country

Think you had a good time in college? Perhaps it could have been even more fun, if you'd decided to attend one of the 10 schools listed below. Tuesday, Playboy released its top 10 party schools in the country, and it certainly has a "Power 5" kind of feel to it.

Of the group, four universities hail from the Big Ten. Two come from the ACC. The Big 12 and the SEC claim one each. The last two (Ohio University, Tulane University) make up the difference.

Here's the entire list, via Playboy:

1. Ohio University
2. University of Iowa
3. Florida State University
4. Tulane University
5. University of Illinois
6. University of Texas
7. Syracuse University
8. University of Wisconsin
9. University of Mississippi
10. University of Michigan

For those paying attention, there isn't much love for the Western half of the United States. Perhaps Playboy just isn't aware of Arizona State's existence.

What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Should your school be on there (or not on there)?