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Report: Michael Carter-Williams Caught Shoplifting, Paid $500 To Settle

Here we go again.

The Post Standard has just published an article that cites two different sources claiming that Michael Carter-Williams did in fact get caught shoplifting at Lord & Taylor at Destiny USA last week and that the Syracuse star paid $500 to settle the matter.

The sources claimed Carter-Williams stuffed the merchandise, said to be a pair of gloves and a bathrobe, into his backpack while in a changing room at the store. Allegedly, as he left the store, he was detained by security, questioned and asked to pay a fine with his credit card.

Last week, the picture seen here went viral on the web, with numerous "eyewitnesses" reporting the man seen as Michael Carter-Williams. Carter-Williams adressed the incident with Mike Waters, calling it a "misunderstanding".

It is not known if Syracuse will take action at this point.