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Report: Syracuse Could Move Basketball Court To Center Of Carrier Dome For Duke Game

Can you imagine?

Syracuse already holds the record for the largest on-campus college basketball single game attendance in history - 35,012 against Georgetown in 2013. This upcoming season, the number of people on hand for the Orange's matchup against Duke could be significantly higher. How? The school is considering moving the court to the center of the Carrier Dome, per's Mike Waters.

Syracuse University officials are considering a plan that would move the basketball court to the middle of the Dome's football field for the Orange's game against Duke. The decision to move the court would be done, in part, to make history and also to mark Syracuse's first year as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

As a Syracuse alum, I can tell you that it's almost a guarantee that the game would sell out. I can also tell you that the city and campus would be flooded with more people - in the middle of winter - than they've ever experienced. Still, this would seemingly be a great move for a school that has long had one of the best college basketball fan bases in the country.

There could be a snag in the plan, however.

Moving the court from its usual location near the Dome's South end zone to the middle of the football field would be no easy task. The Carrier Dome's wiring is set up for television crews. That would have to be re-done on a one-time basis.

It's hard to imagine something like TV wiring getting in the way here, but you never know. The school will have to weigh numerous factors into the decision - additional revenue due to ticket sales, logistical problems, seating issues, etc. Hopefully they can get it worked out, because this could be the college basketball event of 2014.