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Scoop Becomes A Man, Joseph's Favorite Teammate, And Brandon Reese Is A Pest

The Syracuse seniors talk about their favorite 'Cuse basketball moments.

SU's Athletics Department interviewed some of the Syracuse basketball team seniors about their favorite memories.

Scoop Jardine says the past four years have turned him into a man. Kris Joseph says Scoop was his favorite Syracuse player when he was in high school. He also says he gets chills when he thinks about the 2010 Syracuse/Villanova game where 34,000 people attended.

Jardine and Joseph also open up about their fellow teammates. "Brandon Reese is a pest," says Joseph with a smile. "He's in practice and he knows the plays..he knows exactly what to do and he's playing hard."

Here's the two minute interview with Scoop and Joseph:

Here's the interview with Scoop about his past five years:

And here are Joseph's favorite SU basketball memories: