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Seth Davis Loses Bet To Syracuse Radio Show, Will Wear Orange Wig On TV

Can't wait to see this.

Earlier this week, CBS analyst Seth Davis drew the ire of Orange fans across the nation when he immediately proclaimed that Montana would defeat Syracuse in their second round matchup of the NCAA Tournament.

Davis was so confident in his pick that he made a little bet with a Syracuse radio show as well - now he'll have to honor his side of the wager.

Glenn "Gomez" Adams and Dave Coombs of the TK99 morning show were able to get Davis on their show this week, ultimately convincing the CBS analyst to "don an orange wig and wave an orange pennant" on TV, should Montana lose. The radio show hosts said they'd jump in a freezing cold lake in upstate New York wearing Montana apparel if Syracuse lost - which to me would be a far worse outcome. 

Luckily for Adams and Coombs, the Orange prevailed tonight, blowing out the Grizzlies by a score of 81-34. Now, Syracuse fans await their prize. With Davis officially dispatched, Orange fans can focus on their next opponent - 12th-seeded California.