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So What Nicknames Are We Going With For The Syracuse Starting 5?

YC would be proud.

Contingent on the fact that this is going to be the 2012-2013 men’s basketball starting line-up, here's what you should get used to calling your favorite Orange stars.

Michael Carter-Williams: "C-Dub"

Anytime you have a hyphenated last name, it’s pretty standard to shorten it so you don’t have to say the whole thing. Also, whenever that last name begins with a “W”, it’s standard to use the phrase “Dub.” Therefore, Michael Carter-Williams will from this point forward be known as “C-Dub.” There, now we no longer have to say his full three-word name.

Brandon Triche: "B-Swish"

Yeah, he kind of anointed himself this one with his Twitter handle (@Bswish20), but it's warranted. The kid can shoot threes like it’s his job, and his last name sounds like swish, so this nickname works perfecting. Throw in the first letter of his first name, and Mr. Triche, you have yourself a nickname.

C.J. Fair: "UnFair"

Is it coincidence that Nike already has an “Unfair” shirt and C.J.’s game play is unfair for opposing defenses? Yes, it is a total coincidence. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Fair is a nightmare for the opposition, and therefore will be now called UnFair.

Rakeem Christmas: "Raks on Raks on Raks"

Instead of using the obvious Christmas nickname that he has probably heard since he was two years old, I decided to go with the more colloquial nickname “Rak,” and simple added two more. Made famous by YC in his song, “Racks,” the nickname makes sense because the college basketball community will be seeing lots and lots of Rakeem this year. He is poised to play a big role in the Orange’s offense coming off a fantastic 2012 NCAA tournament.

DaJuan Coleman: "Big Daddy"

The guy is 6-foot-8 and 288 pounds. He is one big dude. I’ve heard that he has slimmed down this offseason, but the guy is still going to be a wall in the paint this season. Similar to the character of the same name in the video game “BioShock,” DaJuan Coleman is nearly impossible to take down and just as formidable on defense.