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Stephen A. Smith Gave A Major CFB Program A Motivational Speech

Stephen A. Smith speaks to Syracuse.

Syracuse Football

While Stephen A. Smith's style may not be for everyone, it's hard to deny that he's one of the most successful on-air personalities in sports. As such, if he's giving advice, you should probably listen up.

This week, Smith was up in upstate New York to talk to Syracuse's football players. Smith may not have any experience playing football, but what he said seemed to resonate with the team.

In fact, Smith's advice can be applied to all aspects of life. The message? You need to take control of your situation to maximize your potential.

Here's a bit of what Smith had to say:

"If you see somebody that's better than you, if you look in your mind's eye and you know that's somebody has something that you don't, why not ask yourself why? Why not ask yourself how you can get it? Who told you that they get to have a monopoly on greatness?

You're living. You're breathing. You're eating. You're working. How come you can't get it?"

Syracuse tweeted video of two minutes of Smith's speech. What he's saying makes a lot of sense.

Syracuse's football program has been down for almost two decades now, and last year, the team finished with a 4-8 record. If the 2018 season is the start of a turnaround, perhaps Smith's speech will have been one of the reasons why.